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Harlingen Bujinkan Shibu


Training Times and Locations

Our training days and times may vary due to schedule conflicts. As of right now we are training on Sunday afternoons. Please contact us regarding training at least a week in advance.
We do not have a permenant location for training as of yet. Typically we train at a shibu members house.
If you are interested in training with us please be sure to send us an e-mail far enough in advance so that we can work out where to meet you and at what time. 
Also, all of our training will be conducted outside. So, if you come out to train with us please make sure to plan accordingly for the weather.

Come and join us for a class. You might find that this is what you are loking for.
Traditionaly we wear a black gi (uniform). If you have a white gi that is serviceable feel free to wear it until you can get a black one.
If you have no gi at all, that's fine too. Sweats, warm ups, even BDU, "Army" pants will be fine until you can get a black gi.
We do ask that you make every effort to get a balck gi as soon as possible though.